Name change, and coming attractions

You’ll notice this blog’s new moniker above. “Dead Drop” wasn’t an entirely satisfactory representation of what I write, and in any case there’s another site which can lay far greater claim to the name. (And a great site it is, too.)

Coming in late January, and much later than I previously announced – I really need to avoid setting firm launch dates – is the new Martin Calvary thriller, Annihilation Myths. Following the mayhem of Severance Kill, the new book sees former assassin Calvary on the run from his pursuers The Chapel and holed up in rural France. One day, he encounters an old Army friend of his in Paris, and finds himself sucked into the machinations of a sinister populist organisation committed to some extreme changes to the French body politic…

The fourth novel in the John Purkiss series, Tundra, a claustrophobic thriller set in a Siberian research station, will be out as close to the end of March as I can make it.


Once again, happy New Year, and keep reading!


Coming soon

Coming soon


Competition winners


The random selector has done its work, and I’m pleased to reveal the names of the three winners of a paperback copy of Ratcatcher: Kim Ayres, Rell Erwin and Jeff Q. Only one person asked for an ebook version, so Donald MacLeod becomes an automatic winner.

Please DM me on Twitter, message me on Facebook or email me at and let me know where to post your book. Donald, please let me know whether you’d like an Amazon voucher or a Smashwords coupon (which allows you to download the book in multiple formats including for Kindle).

Congratulations to the winners, commiserations to those who didn’t win, and thanks to all who entered!

Coming attractions

Later this month, my second collection of macabre short stories, Quarry: Six Tales Of Dread.

Before that, here’s a lone short story, Chameleon, that I’ve had difficulty fitting into a collection like this. It’s not quite horror, more a dark modern fantasy tale. Sort of. So I’ve decided to publish it as a standalone.

It’s available now: Amazon US and UK.

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