Why I don’t have a Kindle

Hello to new visitors, and welcome back to my (so far) tiny band of dedicated followers. I hope the frenetic pace of my posting hasn’t put you off.

Since my last post I’ve published two books, Reunion, a chilly Cold War novella, and Woodborn: Six Tales of Unease, the title of which says it all, really. They’re doing brisk trade, and I’ve had some highly successful free giveaway days for both of them. The Alpha male of my literary troop remains, however, Ratcatcher. It’s taken off particularly well in the UK, thanks in no small part to the very generous reviews it’s had.

Oh, and why don’t I own a Kindle? Because they’re the devil’s invention. Because ebooks are killing off traditional publishing. All those lovely paper books with that characteristic musty smell are going the way of the dodo, all because of the Kindle.

Er… no, not really.

I don’t own a Kindle because I haven’t got round to getting one yet.


My life as a spy

First, a disclaimer.

I’m not a spy, and I’ve never been one. That title was a ruse to get you to read further.

I’ve often thought I’d make a top-notch spy, though. Fair enough, I have a few qualities that would count against me, such as gullibility, extreme physical cowardice, and a shiftiness of manner that would make me stand out like a sore thumb. But none of these are flaws that a few years of intense training couldn’t eradicate.

Seriously, though. Espionage is possibly the oddest profession there is. You’re paid to deceive people, primarily. I know it involves a lot more than that, but deceit is the essence of it. It must attract a range of different personality types for all sorts of reasons, but the people who stick with it, and are good at it, must have… well, issues.

I know that’s a bald view, and quite possibly an unjustified one; so if there are any genuine spies, past or present, reading this blog, please feel free to correct me.

In the mean time, here’s a preview of the cover of my new novella, Reunion, which features some decidedly damaged spies. Set in the murk of 1970s Cold War Germany, it’s a 20,000-ish-word story of violence, betrayal… and schooldays.

Coming early June.

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