Purkiss is back


John Purkiss returns for a fourth outing in TUNDRA, a thriller set in the frozen wastes of Siberia. And it’s only a little over a month overdue. You have to admit, I’m getting better…

TUNDRA is available for purchase at the outlets listed below, with more to come as it filters through. And I’m pleased to say my publication schedule is picking up – my next novel, DELTA GHOST, the follow-up to OMEGA DOG, should be out this summer.

Anyway, here’s TUNDRA. Read, enjoy, and leave a review if you like…


Barnes & Noble



Google Play


Tundra Cover MEDIUM WEB

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  1. Woha, Thank you amigo for this one i really like it.

  2. Howard

     /  October 29, 2014

    Loved all your books so far. I began with Ratcatcher in paper form. I wonder if your other books be available in paper-book form?
    Your thrillers are unique in plot and action sequences. I truly enjoy them. However, I have a limited access to a Kindle and that’s why I asked about the books being available in paperback. Thank you.


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