Well, I’ve had one review so far for Ratcatcher, and a very decent (and fair) one it was, too. Four stars. The formatting problem the reviewer mentions makes me cringe – non-justified text – but I’ve fixed it now.

Reviews are all-important, I’ve discovered, especially when you’re an unknown author self-publishing for the first time. All the advice I’ve had says to solicit reviews left, right and centre. Specifically, and reviews. Reviews are what get you noticed by the reader who’s casually browsing Amazon. Reviews – positive ones, of course, but even those that aren’t so enthusiastic –  draw readers to a book. Reviews mean the book’s being read.

There’s a problem, though.

I’m English.

English people are acutely, painfully uncomfortable with asking favours. To ask, even in a general way, for people who’ve read my book to consider writing a review of it for Amazon floods me with embarrassment, even to think about it.

Nevertheless –

No. I can’t.

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  1. I’m afraid I’m unable to read your book myself – one of the side effects of the CFS has been to destroy my ability to read more than a page or 2 at a time without my brain fogging over. This means the only novels I read are in bed just before I put the light out, and I don’t (in fact won’t) have a computer in the bedroom.

    This is a shame as I would genuinely be interested in reading your novel, Tim. If you ever get it printed in paperback please be sure to let me know.

    However, what I have done is link to your blog from mine so you might occasionally get an extra person stumbling through 🙂

  2. Kim, I’m delighted and very grateful – many thanks for the link. Sorry as ever about your difficulties.

    I intend to release it as a print-on-demand paperback, most likely through Amazon itself, once the initial three-month contract with Kindle Direct Publishing is up, so with any luck you’ll be able to get hold of it then.

    Best wishes



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